Thursday, October 31, 2013

back to sewing.

in dire need to scout around for a new materials,pronto!!

god bless, my clutch bag somehow was a hit!! well, at least to my standard. what was intended to be a fun making self-project turn to a more-than-I-can-handle thingy. but im good,at the mo. i really hope i cope well with the oncoming orders.

so now, i have fabric hunting to do. finding a good craft shop also a challenge - with my time restrain of coz!

wish me luck,people.
now,im back to my sewing machine. theres orders to finish.
musnt make ur customer waiting,aightt?? :)

till then.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The long lists.

October is ending....and before u know it,its November already. Pfftt...

Year end means Ben will be super busy which left me alone tutoring the elder two for their exams. Which i loathe the most. Frankly, am not a good teacher. I am not good at explaining things nor do I have the patience. But the later is what i hate the most. The munchkins will end up crying!! Bad momma!!

Theres so many things to with November approaching. Need to finalize the booking - hotels are CRAZY!! all fully booked!!

What with Adia's ballet exam coming soon. She'll be in Grade 2 if she pass the test. Weehoo!! Plus we will be having another ballerina in the family. Who u might ask? Who else can it be. Certainly not Adlan! :) My little baby will be joining her sister this December. Yay!! Cant wait to see her in tutu. Lately, she's been picking up steps from her sister. Impressive.

And Adlan's tuition class. Yes, finally we succumbed to an extra classes. Need to polish few subjects. Not that he's bad at it but we were told that its going to be tougher next year for him, hence the precaution. Hope the class wont bore him off. He's easily turn off. Hope he survived, along with the swimming class. Pheww!! How to squeeze u in the football academy laaa,boy??!! Hes been asking us to enroll him in this frootball academy like forever, but I dont think he can juggle all. What with homeworks in between. Certainly wont let him quit swimming, its for his asthmatic.

 In my years, school holidays means freedom. TOTAL FREEDOM!! Im telling you,no books or what so ever. Heaven on earth!

Fret not, Ben and I have the munchkins's interests as a priority. Dont worry. We wont stress them out.

Till then.

Monday, May 13, 2013

come what May...

I guess procrastination is my middle name. 

Has got to be one!!!

Its like there's so much going on in my mind, that I let things slip by...even my 'to do list' didnt do much of a help. How now brown cow?? 

Anyway, its May and it mark another milestone to my darling baby girl. Yup, my baby turned 3 last week. As cliche as it may sound, but time does flies when u having fun, no? Who would have thought its been 3years after they cut me open and took this baby of mine out, breathing all to herself. Alhamdulillah ^_^

Not so baby anymore, huh?? ;)
We love you, Nana. Always remember that,no matter what. Like I always told your brother and sister - "always look down at your belly button, and you'll understand" . Err, you might dont get it now but you will,eventually. (Its my own made-up-so-called-metaphor , yes, Im crazeee like that ;p )

Happy 3rd Birthday, baby girl. Be well and be good. May you bloom into a pretty girl, inside out. InsyaAllah. My prayer will always be with you. Always.

Till then.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

leaving on a jet plane.

Im still in the midst of packing, not really done yet. I hate packing for I tend to over pack. Be it just an overnight at my in-laws, long holiday at my mom's or even a short getaway..I always pack extras for the whole clan which leads to bigger bag when Im trying as much as possible to go as minimal as I can. But, I sucks.

And this time doesnt make any different either. Even after hundreds reminder from Ben asking me to bring just a few clothes - read : shopping intended. Big time!! Now u know where we're heading too.

My initial plan was to use the small luggage bag,only, while the big one will be left empty seems like a failure. I have no idea what went into the bag, but it seems like the empty space has been decreased every time I am near :'(

Gotta finalised the packing and zip it up, once and for all. No more stuffing. Only essentials. Erghh.... I really hates packing!!

Anyway, be good while Im away. Will be back in a blink of an eyes. Do awaits with the details once i get back.

Im off to have a final look on the bag....and sleep.

Tilll then.

Monday, April 22, 2013

middle child syndrome?

Is it true? what say you...

For me, every child has their pros and cons, advantages or flaws...but in the end, its how we, as a parent succumbed to the need of each and every child. And this, may leads to hundreds, or maybe thousands of trials and errors. No short cut. And no manual either. 

And my daughter wasnt excluded from being diagnosed with this particular syndrome, what with her endless tantrums and meltdown, its hard to not to agree. 

She's like a ticking bomb, thats what we like to call her lately. The calm before the storm. One minute she can be such a jovial and fun person to be with, and for no particular reason, she can  be the otherwise the next. Its like having a split personality. Its tiring if I may say so, but I was told that He wont test His servants more that what they can chew,no? Thus, Im adamant to go thru this phase with her, thick or thin, rain or shine, screaming and wailing all sorts...I will always be there for her.

Still, its an everyday learning process for me, and Ben too. And I dont think she will go easy on us. There's meltdown on everyday it a heavy downpour or just a scattering rain, it happens all the time that Ive lost count. Even the tiniest issue could lead to a HUGE meltdown. Go figure. 

Alas, I believe that this phase will soon go away. Thru time, she will see that regardless whose the first to see the light, she will always be my girl, may daughter, my friend, my shopping companion. I'll held her hand with all my might, never once to let go, InsyaAllah.

Till then.

P/S : To my darling Yaya, you're such a God send. Mommy and Daddy loves u infinity. Never fear for you will always be our favourite ballerina, forever. We're always be two steps behind - to catch you when you fall but never be in your way so that you may bloom, in your own special way. Love you, baby girl. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

april babies....

April has got to be one of the busiest month every year...

April 2nd marked another milestones. My first born,and my only boy celebrated his 9th birthday this year. 9 years!! seems like only yesterday he was vacuumed out from me - yes,he refused to come out hence the vacuum. Guess,he prefers to snuggle up inside his,eyy?? ;) No wonder he's so 'manja'. Mommy loves u,Abang. Infinity!! You will always and forever will be my baby boy. Muahhs!!

Then, came the 16th which means my only baby sister with the age gap of 19years celebrated her 15th birthday. Now do the math!! ;p My parent definitely are the happiest coz i dont think in their wildest mind could ever imagine celebrating Myn's 10th birthday, let alone 15th!! Fyi, my mom delivered my sister when she's 45th. Yup!! Me and my two brothers used to tease Myn for being the 'sesat' baby,haha!! But,with God will, she has grown into a beautiful soul which I adores. We hardly fought with each other cause of the age gap, so thats what makes us so close. Well,maybe because Ive yearn to have a sister when I was young that i treasured every moment that I have with her. Love you, Comot!!

And, tomorrow, the 20th will be my Babah's birthday. The man that has always be my fav, besides my Ben and my boy of coz. But, with my Babah....its something else. Being the only girl - prior to Myn's birth of coz - has somehow given me the license of being the spoiled brat which leaves my brothers VERY unhappy. Hmm, lets say that Ive always getting away without being scolded at. ;) Thank you, Babah...and sorry bros,totally am. Dont let me go thru my teenager nor my must have been a turmoil for my dad, and mom. But they stood by me thru my rebellious years and never let go. Till now, even when Im happily  married with three kids, they're always there. So Babah, Happy 60th Birthday...I love you, always...

So, yeah, my wallet got thinner but let me tell you, the warmth in my heart is what matter the most, knowing that I am surrounded with all these people makes my life worth the living.

Till then.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

another comeback...

If there's one thing that i loathed the most, it has to be people who seems to made promises and dont have the intention of keeping it. Its a total turn off for me.

For me, promises is something so sacred that one SHOULDN'T played around with. Full stop. If u are in no position on keeping one, then DON'T make simple as that. You never know the impact on someone else's life because of the broken promises. It might be fatal!! Okey, I might be exaggerating this, but its not funny nor a nice thing to do. You may see it as petty lil' thing, but it might meant something else for the other person.

Just so u know, my lappy crashed recently and has been 'warded' for quite sometimes. After a major surgery and a few face lifts, I finally get my hands on her couple of days ago. Pheww!! what a relieves. Luckily I can still rely on my phone, but with the age catching up ;p i need a bigger screen to satisfy my sighting...haha...

Anyway, what im trying to say is, as much as I hate those people, I cant run from doing the same either...huh! !here's me calling the kettle black,iskkk...Why u may ask??

Prior to my lappy accident, I have made promises to a few friends to email them something and totally failed at keeping it for all the documents was stored inside my lappy. Sucks!! BIG TIME!! I am totally sorry!! ...and eventho Ive my lappy back, but somehow all my docs went kapooosh!! and yes, I dont have back-up :( silly me. Im not the kind of person who do back-up, even for pics... yes, call me stupid now :(

...but heaven sent me Ben, my darling Ben...he somehow has a hunch that my lappy is in danger and saved all the pics without me knowing it. Hah!! now you tell me, how not to love him when he keeps on saving my life ;) ice liebe dich,Ben...what would I do without u... ^_^

So, my point is, Im terribly sorry for not keeping my promises...even tho my reason is legit, but I failed at keeping it, regardless. Do forgive me. Thats all im asking for.

Till then.